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AddisonMckee manufacture a vast range of tube bending and forming machines along with tooling and consumables required for all types of the tube bending applications. AddisonMckee recently developed a low cost range of PB tube benders to offer our customers at very competitive prices. AddisonMckee has expanded its global business and presence to include muffler equipment and manufacturing capabilities in China. Service for the complete range of AddisonMckee machines throughout Australia and New Zealand is covered by APCI, for service contact APCI on +61883662300 or
TubeMart offers our customers a new, single source way to select all your high quality, mid range tube manipulation solutions at exceptionally competitive prices. Bringing together the widest choice of hand-picked machinery from many of the world’s premier manufacturers into one highly comprehensive catalogue, TubeMart redefines the way you select machinery. Built to uncompromising international standards, as laid down by world-leading tube manipulation specialists, AddisonMckee, all TubeMart models are available globally through our international team of dealers. With bending, cutting, end-forming, notching and polishing technologies – as well as a comprehensive range of consumables – selecting the tube manipulation solutions you require has never been quicker or easier.
T-Drill offers a range of industrial tube forming and cutting machines. The range includes tube branching/collaring machines for copper, mild steel, stainless steel and copper nickel. High speed chipless tube cut off and forming lines, end closing machines for copper tube and flanging machines for a wide range of materials.

Haven offer a range of high volume tube cutting machines using the nick and shear method of cutting also wire brushing machines for use with their tube cut off lines, stand alone machines and special applications.

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